A shared virtual workspace breaking down communication barriers on design projects

About this project:

For designers working together on a single project, seamless collaboration is key. But it’s not easy! The CO-design platform for LUXury interiors (COLUX) is a digital platform that improves communication for design partners. It reduces the barriers to information exchange and limits potential misunderstandings – both of which can prove expensive and time-consuming for designers. 

COLUX allows real-time interactions between everyone involved in a design project using augmented and virtual reality. This keeps the project moving, allows team members to work remotely, and reduces the material waste associated with physical modelling. As a result, design projects conducted on COLUX can boast a reduced environmental impact and lower carbon footprint. 

The platform is open and inclusive: anyone who wants to use it can do so. The greater the user diversity, the better it works.  

Designed in Tuscany, the COLUX team have global ambitions. The modular platform is scalable and adaptable to other locations by way of a participatory process. It will allow designers around the world to overcome common communication hurdles. 

Adoption of digital workflows only makes sense when they help to create a sustainable and inclusive world. COLUX has been designed to do exactly this. 


Thursday 9 June : 12-14:00 GARE MARITIME (Place de la musique)

Thursday 9 June:16.00-21.00 MONT DES ARTS, Brussels

Friday 10 June: 12.00-21.00 PLACE DE BROUCKERE, Brussels

Saturday 12:00-21:00 MARCHE AUX POISSONS, Brussels

Sunday 12 :00-21 :00 MONT DES ARTS, Brussels